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module 02: JIRA Advanced Training JIRA Project Management
In the "Project Management" module we discuss the JIRA hierarchy and how the application works and interacts between different levels, creating projects, project administration and the project browser. A practical session follows
125.00 € 125.0 EUR
module 05-1: JIRA Advanced Training Hands-on Implementation of your workflow
Module 5 covers a the most important topic of your JIRA; implementing your own workflows. It implements the theory of the previous part and uses this knowledge to create the workflow you need for your own company.
500.00 € 500.0 EUR
module 03: JIRA Advanced Training Issue Operations 1
In the first of two modules covering "Issue Operations" we take an in-depth look at issues followed by some basic issue operations. As with all our modules, we have a practical session.
125.00 € 125.0 EUR
module 07: JIRA Advanced Training Reporting
"Reporting" is a critical feature in JIRA and that is covered in module 7. We look at standard reports, custom reports and how to utilise the reporting features. A practical follows.
125.00 € 125.0 EUR
module 01: JIRA Advanced Training Introduction to JIRA
Module 1: Introduction to JIRA

In the first JIRA training module, "Introduction to JIRA", we cover the key concepts such as who are and the history of Atlassian, what is JIRA and what's it used for, basic anatomy (projects, workflows, issues, etc) and the marketplace. We get started with JIRA with a basic demonstration followed by a practical. We'll also cover the aims and objectives of the course itself.
250.00 € 250.0 EUR
module 11: JIRA Advanced Training JIRA Server Admin
This training provides the server administrator information on how to manage the server hardware, operating system and alike.
- backup & restore
- security
- server setup
- network setup (firewalls, network ports, anti-virus etc)
- server maintenance
- server upgrades
- Pittfalls with Add-ons from Atlassian Marketplace
- Atlassian software upgrades
- Pitfalls with upgrades
- Database administration
500.00 € 500.0 EUR
Module 01: Accessory Training JIRA Concepts Overview
Module 1: JIRA Concepts Overview

Summary of Users and Groups
Project Roles

Lab Exercises: Concept Overview

Create a JIRA Project and project category
Exploring the Issue type scheme
125.00 € 125.0 EUR
module 12: JIRA Advanced Training Confluence server integration
4 hours.
This training provides information on how to effectively integrate JIRA and Confluence with each other. Confluence is an efficient project management documentation tool. All project related information should be kept here. Confluence is the Atlassian wiki system for your project documentation and minute notes. You can also uese it for your Frequently asked Questions (FAQ), Questions and Answers, to prevent a ticket to be filed at all.
500.00 € 500.0 EUR
module 04: JIRA Advanced Training Issue Operations 2
Flowing nicely along we have the second of our "Issue Operations" modules. With the ground work covered in the previous module, we now look at advanced issue operations and have a practical session.
125.00 € 125.0 EUR